Champions Cup Slot – New Netent

We are proud to announce that NetEnt is launching their new game Champions Cup on 23rd of May 2016. Net Entertainment had quite a few releases lately but we are especially looking forward to this football themed slot game. We got the chance to test the Champions Cup slot and wanted to share it with you! First of all you can watch this little video and make up your own mind.

The first step to playing the Champions Cup is to select your team. And then you will advance to the regular game. No wonder that the whole game is football branded with amazing sounds of the viewers crowd cheering if you hit a winning line .

Champions Cup Slot Bonus Features

There are also 2 kind of bonus featured built into the game. The first one is the penalty shootout where you have to select a corner you want to shoot and if the ball hits the goal you are awarded a prize. The second bonus feature are the free spins, which let you advance to win the Champions Cup. You play against different teams and each time a wild symbol comes up it is a goal for you if it’s your colour and it’s a goal for the other team if the wild symbol is in their colour.

Win Football Tickets with Champions Cup

The best part of this kick off is the fact that you can win tickets to watch 3 world-class football games. The only thing you have to do is play the game for 20 spins and you will get a ticket that enters the raffle. Surly you can play as much as you like and therefore get more tickets for the raffle. All together the game and the amazing promotion will kick start the brand new Champions Cup Slot on the 23rd of May 2016.

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